Fire has spread up in the Sundarbans to two kilometers

In the deep forests of the Sundarbans, a fire incident occurred under extreme heat. On Saturday afternoon, locals in the Chandpai Range of the Sundarbans East Forest Division reported seeing a fire in the Amurbonia area, which connects to the forest region. The Forest Department and the locals came together with the news and began taking the fire under control.

Assistant Forest Conservator (ACF) Rana Deb of the Chandpai Range in the Sundarbans confirmed the fire event. He stated that four forest personnel from the watchtower had begun collaborating with the people to contain the fire.

Locals proceeded to the Sundarbans with Mr. Abu Taher Mia, a member of Ward 8 of the Nishanbaria Union in Morelganj Upazila of Bagerhat, as soon as they heard about the fire. He claimed that the fire started close to the Amurbonia watchtower while speaking over the phone from the site. It’s a sizable region. It has burned for at least two kilometers. All of us are trying to manage it. The way the fire has spread will make it difficult to contain.

According to Mr. Syedul Alam Chowdhury, Assistant Director of Incident Service and Civil Defence (Bagerhat), a Morelganj Fire Service unit has already hurried to the location after learning of the incident. If additional units are required, we may dispatch them once they have completed their report.