This house in the city is built with 150 trees.

If that were the case, there would be some greenery everywhere you looked in the city! You could only touch a couple of seasonal fruits if you extended your hand. You would wake up to the sound of birds chirping rather than the sound of automobile horns. However, how would that work? It may sound like a tale, but Italian architect Luciano Pia has demonstrated it. It seems as though the people who live in the five-story apartment structure he created in Turin, Italy, live in treehouses. The trees provide warmth to people during the chilly winter months when their leaves fall, while during the scorching summer months, the trees retain heat. 

Every level of this contemporary architectural home features a distinctive fusion of brick and stone. This courtyard home features 150 trees, carefully chosen for their aesthetic value and their ability to endure regional climates and seasonal fluctuations. We guarantee that every tree will produce vibrant blossoms throughout the year. These trees take in 52,000 gallons of carbon dioxide every hour and create close to 40,000 gallons of oxygen. Clean air protects the occupants of this building from noise pollution.

The concrete and steel skyscraper houses 63 units. Nearly all apartments have two balconies, one with a view of the road and the other of the lush surroundings. Various arrangements in the house’s architectural design enable the collection of rainwater. We use this water to take care of our gardens. The plants on the balcony, roof, and courtyard of the house grow spontaneously, resulting in a variety of configurations. How architect Luciano Pia has incorporated each component into his one-of-a-kind structure keeps the occupants securely rooted in the natural world. Regarding his tree house, he remarked, “It is unique because it is alive. “It changes and breathes.”

This year, for the first time in its 76-year history, Bangladeshis endured extreme heat for almost 16 days in a row. This is one cause of the changing climate. According to a Science Journal article, the development of one billion hectares of land globally could potentially drop global temperatures by 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050. To make the Earth habitable, it is crucial to incorporate ecologically friendly structures like Luciano Pia’s building into urban development.
In an effort to attract attention, a house in Dhaka may catch your eye. The house is located on Road 28 in Dhanmondi. It has a lovely appearance and is also good for the environment.