BMSS in Heat Wave Management

Amidst Bangladesh’s scorching summer, temperatures have raised to unprecedented levels, leaving people struggling to cope with the intense heat. This warmth isn’t just uncomfortable; it poses serious health risks and environmental threats. Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Sheikh Sayera Khatun Medical College Local Committee (SSKMC LC), under the Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace (SCORP) of the Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society (BMSS), launched the “Heat Resilience; an Earth Day initiative for heat management”

This Earth Day project aimed to empower communities with knowledge, awareness, and practical tips to combat the relentless heatwave and protect themselves from heat-related illnesses. On the 29th of April 2024, a comprehensive effort was undertaken to combat the heatwave. Through an engaging awareness campaign, people were informed about the risks posed by the scorching temperatures and educated on preventive measures to safeguard their health. Additionally, complimentary water was provided to ensure hydration and mitigate the risk of dehydration and heat-related illnesses. Informative leaflets were distributed, serving as valuable resources to reinforce the knowledge gained and equip individuals with practical tips to stay safe during the heatwave. Together, these initiatives tirelessly worked to raise awareness and promote preventative measures, fostering a community equipped to tackle the challenges of extreme heat.

Esteemed guests, including Dr. Amal Chandra Paul, the Principal of SSKMC, and Shankar Kumar Ghosh, the Director of SSKMC, graced the occasion and emphasized the importance of community health and resilience.

This effort highlights the SSKMC LC’s commitment to supporting the community and addressing urgent public health challenges. Through collaboration and unity, we strengthen our capacity to adapt and safeguard the health of all members of society, particularly those who are most vulnerable.