In the history of the world, April of 2024 saw the hottest global temperature record

According to the list of temperature records, every month of this year has surpassed every other month as the hottest. According to British news agency Reuters, the European Union’s climate change monitoring office issued a warning on Wednesday, May 8, saying that every month following June 2023 will be the hottest month worldwide compared to the same period the previous year.
The average global temperature in April 1940 was 1.61 degrees Celsius, making it the warmest April on record since pre-industrial times, according to scientists. This record surpasses the 12-month average temperature record that existed between 1850 and 1999. According to scientists, the release of greenhouse gases from fossil fuel combustion is the main cause of this climate change. The ‘El Nino’ climate phenomenon has also contributed to the recent spike in global temperatures. This climatic event abnormally warms the Pacific Ocean’s surface water.