Sundarbans 8 acres of forest land affected by fire, approximately 5 acres being damaged.

The fire that started in the Amorboni section of the Sundarbans has completely consumed the forest area. The burned woodland area has stored rainwater. At first, the Forest Department attempted to use GPS to determine the extent of the fire’s destruction. The fire first affected 7.98 acres of forest land, causing damage to around 5 acres.

Officials from the fire service and the forest department inspected the area all day on Wednesday but found no evidence of smoke or fire. Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Kazi Muhammad Nurul Karim of the East Sundarbans Forest Department announced an extra day of cautionary observation over the region.

After a thorough examination of the region, the forest department confirmed yesterday that there was no longer any fire in the forest. By evening, the flames and smoke had completely dissipated. Water has entered the region where the forest fire was burning as a result of yesterday’s rain and the tidal wave, according to Kazi Muhammad Nurul Karim, DFRO of the Eastern Forest Division. There isn’t a single fire in the forest anymore. They will monitor the situation at the incident scene for the next twenty-four hours.

Forest conservator Mihir Kumar has once again used drones to monitor the location of the fire in the Sundarbans. Every hour, drones have been monitoring the forest region, but they have not discovered any signs of fire. On foot, other teams have also examined the incident scene in the forest. There is no visible evidence of fire anywhere. Rain has caused water to accumulate in several areas of the fire site. The Munia camp has successfully extinguished the fire in the Sundarbans forest region.

“At first, we have tried to assess the fire-damaged area through GPS,” Mihir Kumar continued. The fire has damaged 5 acres of forest land in addition to affecting 98 acres of forest land. The investigating committee’s report will contain all the details.