A human chain of the student union to protest against tree killing in BAU

Recently, the students’ union of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) Sangsad has formed a human chain to protest the cutting of trees. On Sunday (May 12) at noon, the organization organized a human chain at the Abdul Jabbar intersection of the university.

Speakers in the human chain said that due to global warming and climate change, a severe heat wave is happening across the country today. Despite the country’s acute need for trees, Bakribi continues to witness incidents of tree-killing. This culture of cutting down trees in the name of development will bring nothing but environmental destruction. It is possible to construct buildings without the need to cut down trees or to construct them in alternative locations. But instead of doing that, the authorities adopted the method of cutting trees. In recent years, the university campuses have not had a significant number of trees planted. Despite the replanting efforts, the maintenance was inadequate. However, the university authorities have no discretion in cutting trees.

During that period, General Secretary Tariq Abdullah bin Anwar advocated for the construction of infrastructure and new plantations in an environmentally friendly manner, while also ensuring their proper care. Should the university administration continue its suicidal tree-cutting program in the future, all the university’s teachers and students will form a Durbar movement.

The Bakribi campus has recently seen the removal of large trees. Infrastructure construction has led to the destruction of these trees. On May 2, workers cut down a more than 40-year-old black cherry tree on the premises adjacent to the Veterinary Faculty. Approximately two years ago, someone cut down the May flower tree in front of the Proctor office. A few days ago, the authorities also chopped down trees in front of Taapsee Rabeya Hall. The authorities have cut down many old black pine trees along both sides of the road as part of the four-lane upgrade of the road from First Gate to Fossil on the university campus, and they also plan to cut down large trees.