Smartphone damage in hot weather, what to do to protect it

Though it was extremely hot everywhere in the nation a few days ago, the temperature has since dropped somewhat. Additionally, there are heat waves in many parts of the country. Summer is still here. Thus, it’s important to use smartphones properly in the summer. Overheating in hot temperatures could potentially damage the smartphone. Let’s look at some summertime smartphone safety tips.

Avoid using your phone in bright sunlight
The phone stays warm because of the sun’s heat. Thus, exercise caution when using the phone in direct sunlight. The intensity of sunshine increases with heat. If you leave the phone in the direct sun, it may overheat. The battery is damaged. Furthermore, charging the phone in direct sunlight is not possible.

Use caution when keeping the phone in your pocket
Never leave the phone in your pocket in an excessively hot environment. Your body’s natural heat causes the ambient temperature to rise when you carry a phone in your pocket. As a result, the phone heats up. Even when it’s in a pocket, it’s best to store the phone in an area with less body contact.

Use caution when charging your phone
When charging a phone in extremely hot conditions, use caution. You should exercise caution when charging a hot phone due to the potential for damage. Once more, the battery’s charge runs out quickly when it gets hot. Other than this, you can charge the phone to 85% instead of 100%.

Avoid leaving your phone out in the sun while driving
You cannot leave your phone in a parked car under the sun. If the sun directs its heat towards the car, it will cause the phone to heat up. This could break the phone.

Switch off your phone
If the elevated temperature does not decrease, you should turn off the phone for a while. Switching off the phone causes its internal parts to malfunction. The phone does not overheat, and the temperature gradually drops.