A case has been filed to protect penguins

BirdLife South Africa and the Southern African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds (Sancob) sued the South African government to save the endangered penguin. They filed this case because the government had failed to protect the endangered penguin species. This is the country’s first such case.

Various animals are gradually disappearing due to a lack of food and climate change. The list also includes the names of African penguins. According to climatologists, the number of this species of penguin is decreasing at a rate of about 8 percent every year due to a lack of food. There are currently an estimated 8,750 pairs of penguins around the rocky shores of Bettis Bay in South Africa. These penguins may disappear completely from the world if they do not take quick steps to protect them.

BirdLife South Africa’s seabird conservationist and scientist, Alastair McInnes, said the majority of African penguins are in South Africa and Namibia. 99 percent of them have become extinct over the last century. Should this trend persist, the future will see the extinction of penguins belonging to this species. Experts predict the complete extinction of these penguins by 2035.

Penguins in seven regions along the south-west coast of Africa prefer sardines and anchovies. However, due to commercial hunting, the number of fish is decreasing rapidly. As a result, penguins are at risk due to a lack of food. Some areas prohibit fishing, but this does not adequately protect penguins. Apart from this, penguins suffer due to noise pollution during oil and gas exploration. If we do not address this crisis, penguins will quickly become extinct.