Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society (BMSS) Promoting Green Hospital Initiative, Setting New Standards in Sustainable Healthcare

After the industrial revolutions, very few things posed as adverse risks as air pollution. Being an alarming issue worldwide, it poses very deep health risks as well. As a part of conserving nature and preventing air pollution, Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society (BMSS) organized “Project: Green Hospital” collaborating with 22 medical colleges & hospitals throughout Bangladesh.

As a part of the campaign, awareness posters were handed to the authorities of the medical colleges & hospitals. Along with that, initiatives of planting trees were taken in hospital premises. Every medical college was gifted with plants on behalf of BMSS to promote a greener campus and hospital. General patients and people who came to avail service from hospitals were made aware about the aftermaths of air pollution via leaflets. Moreover BMSS members took steps to educate the general population about the health risks of air pollution and focused on what they can do from their individual arena and capacity.

Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society believes this project will have a long standing impact on catering nature and prevent air pollution. This project will not be confined to the current sphere, the awareness and tree plantation program will be expanded to a broader horizon  in the coming days.