Damage to crops in Patuakhali due to Cyclone Rimal is Tk 26 crore

Farmer Al Islam Howlader (45) owns 40 karats (1 acre 20 percent) of cropland. He cultivated various crops on that land throughout the year. This season, too, Aush has prepared seedbeds for paddy cultivation. However, Cyclone Rimal’s impact submerged the seed bed in tidal water for three days. As a result, the seed bed is getting destroyed.

Farmer Al Islam’s residence is located in Balikathi village, which is part of the Auliapur union of Patuakhali Sadar upazila.

I went to that village on Tuesday afternoon and talked with another farmer Kabir Sikdar (40). He said that he had grown almonds, chillies and moong dal for 10 kara (30 percent) of his food. Mugdal picked up from the field. There were almond and pepper trees. Last Sunday, Cyclone Rimal submerged his fields in tidal water. Water has not yet flowed from the field. In this condition, nuts and chillies will rot.

Another farmer named Nuruzzamal Howladar (35) was picking chillies and almonds from his field near the collapsed embankment in Balikathi village. He said that he has grown chillies and almonds to eat 15 kadars (45 percent). Tidal water has broken the dam and flooded it.

About 58 thousand farmers of Patuakhali have lost 7 and a half thousand hectares of crops due to the effects of Cyclone Rimal. The agriculture department said that the amount of crop damage will exceed 26 crore rupees. Cyclone Rimal’s rampage and tidal waves have caused extensive damage to crops in the district. Groundnuts, chillies and vegetables have gone down. Papaya, mango and banana trees are uprooted and broken.

According to the Patuakhali office of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, various varieties of crops have been cultivated in 1 lakh 34 thousand 91 hectares of land in the district. Farmers have already brought most of the crops home. Approximately 7,570 hectares of crops were ready for consumption. Boro 570 ha, Aush 1 thousand 43 ha, Groundnut 350 ha, Chilli 132 ha, Mugdal 2 thousand 391 ha, Sesame 89 ha, Fellan 55 ha, Vegetables 1 thousand ha, Jute 58 ha, Betel nut 612 ha, Mango 650 ha in Cyclone District , 420 hectares of banana and 220 hectares of papaya crops were damaged. According to the agriculture department, the crop loss is Tk 26 crore 21 lakh. And 58,304 farmers have been affected.

In order to offset their losses, Nazrul Islam, Deputy Director of the Patuakhali Office of the Directorate of Agricultural Extension, announced that 18,200 farmers will receive free fertilizer and seed incentives during the Aman season. Cyclone Rimal-affected farmers will receive incentives first.