Remal: The danger is completely over, the warning signal has gone down

The Department of Meteorology has asked the country’s four sea ports to lower warning signal number 3 because the threat of storms in the coastal areas and seas has disappeared.

On Wednesday, Meteorologist Abul Kalam Mallik published this information in a circular. Cyclone Remal’s effects completely subsided, leading to the lifting of the warning.

On May 22, a low pressure formed over the east-central Bay of Bengal and adjoining west-central Bay of Bengal, which gradually gathered strength and crossed over into a clear low pressure, low pressure, deep depression and turned into a cyclonic storm on Saturday evening. This cyclone was then named Remal.

The cyclone became a severe cyclone on Sunday morning; Heavy rainfall started in the coastal areas that afternoon. Mongla and Payra Ports have been asked to display distress signal number 10 and Chittagong and Cox’s Bazar seaports to display distress signal number 9.

After crossing the coast that night, Cyclone Remal weakened with heavy rains on Monday. In the evening of that day, Cyclone Remal was located in Manikganj and its adjoining areas, forming a low pressure system. Later it moved further northeast and became unimportant.

On Monday, the Meteorological Department requested that Payra and Mongla sea ports lower the distress signal number 10, and Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong ports lower the distress signal number 9 and show the local warning signal number 3.

Four seaports also maintained local warning signal No. 3 on Tuesday. We have removed the signal now that the storm’s danger has completely passed.