10 grams went into the belly of the Brahmaputra River, a last ditch effort

Save the last possessions before the flood comes. As a result, the inhabitants of a village are constructing girders on the Brahmaputra River to prevent erosion. The village in question is Pollakandi Madhyapara, located in the Dewanganj upazila of Jamalpur. Villagers said that erosion has been going on since 1974. Already 10 villages have gone under the river. If the remaining villages disappear, the upazila’s map will no longer include this village.

The Pollakandi Union is located in the Dewanganj Upazila of Jamalpur. The severe erosion of the Brahmaputra River wipes out village after village every year. Nayagram, Fapara, Pollakandi Madhyapara, Namapara, Sardarpara, Ufrapara, and Bhatirpara villages have gone under the river. Government primary schools, high schools and mosques along with Dakhil Madrasahs have disappeared. Now four more villages are under threat. 5 mosques including a government school and the Dakhil Madrasa.

The villagers fear that this flood may destroy even their final possessions in the river. Currently, they are attempting to halt the water’s flow by constructing 90 feet of 7 bamboo girders, a project they are volunteering for with bamboo and cash, in an effort to preserve their last remaining means of survival.

Ahmed Ali, a former member of the area’s Union Parishad, said, “Since 1974, I have failed to apply to the Minister-MP and even the Water Development Board for a permanent solution to prevent erosion here.” No one came forward to prevent the erosion.

He also said, “10 villages including houses, crop lands, schools, madrasas and mosques have gone under the river. There are four villages where the entire population resides. I am afraid that it will end with the next flood.

The villagers demanded the government take permanent measures to prevent the rapid erosion before the flood.

The Jamalpur Water Development Board’s Executive Engineer is in charge. Rafiqul Islam announced the implementation of defense and preventive works to prevent erosion.

Dewanganj Upazila is the executive officer. Zahid Hasan Prince stated, “Every year, erosion occurs here.” Every year the crop land goes under the river. I’ll talk to the Water Development Board about this. I am trying to make an allocation, if I can work to prevent erosion.

In the last fifty years, erosion has destroyed ten villages and hundreds of acres of cropland.