Medical Students Take the Lead in the Fight Against Air Pollution

In the recent years, Dhaka and other major Bangladeshi cities have faced significant air pollution, as evidenced by high air quality index.The Bangladesh Medical Students’ Society (BMSS), in association with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) under the #LetsBreatheWell challenge, is launching a campaign titled “CleanCure: Preserving Health Within Healthcare.” This initiative, running from May 25th to June 10th, 2024, aims to tackle the critical issue of air pollution in Bangladesh.

BMSS’s participation in the #LetsBreatheWell challenge is a significant achievement. Being chosen as one of the top 10 youth organizations nationally out of 300 applicants, and the only medical students representative body, signifies the importance of their work.

The “CleanCure” campaign focuses on the “MEWW Method” – Mask Wearing, Emission Reduction, Walking over Driving, and Waste Reduction. BMSS will promote these evidence-based practices among medical students throughout 10 hospitals and medical colleges around Bangladesh. This cost-effective,easy and accessible approach aims to raise awareness and reduce the negative health impacts of air pollution.

The initiative has garnered significant support, marking the launch of the campaign by the Honorable Speaker of Bangladesh Dr.Shirin Sharmin Chaudhury and collaboration with key stakeholders – the Earth,Climate Parliament and the Public Health Foundation of Bangladesh.BMSS will further engage the public through local committee competitions, video/short film contests, Facebook Lives with different professional backgrounds along with member of parliaments, and radio-television  based awareness program signifying “MEWW Method”.

The campaign aspires to reach over 10,000 medical students and 100,000 general citizens. With Dhaka being the most polluted city in the country and Bangladesh a designated “red zone” for air pollution, BMSS believes “CleanCure” will play a pivotal role in creating a cleaner future for Dhaka and the entire nation.

Green Time Editorial Body