A body recovered 2 days after disappearance; death suspected to be due to elephant attack

death suspected to be due to elephant attack

The deep forest of Haluaghat Upazila in Mymensingh yielded the mutilated body of a person named Korban Ali (60). A wild elephant’s trample is believed to have caused his death. On Saturday, at around 11 o’clock, the police recovered the body from the forest in the bordering Kardaitli Shalbon area. Earlier, he had been missing since last Thursday.  

The deceased Korban Ali Karlatli was a Shalbon area resident and a pusher by profession. For a week, 40 to 45 wild elephants have been in the surrounding forest. For several days, herds of elephants came down to the locality after dusk and ran rampant on the crops and houses. Because of this, people believe that he died due to an elephant attack.

According to the sources of the forest department and local residents, Korban Ali went to pick mangoes in Shalban last Thursday morning. He never returned home after that. At that time, no one could go inside to look for him as the elephant was staying in the forest. The family searched for him in different places but could not find him. Later this Saturday at around 9 a.m., a shepherd went to Shalban to herd cows and found Korban’s body deep in the forest. Later police and forest department officials were informed.

A resident of the village of Karaitli stated: Shafiqul Islam said, the body of Korban Ali was found in the forest of Shalbon this morning. He has elephant foot injury marks in different parts of his body.

Lokman Hakim, the Gopalpur beat officer of Mymensingh Forest Division, said the same thing. “Korban has elephant foot injuries in different parts of his body,” he told Prothom Alo this morning. I’m on the scene. We have asked the deceased’s family to file an application with the forest department for compensation.

Officer-in-charge of Haluaghat Police Station. Mahbubul Haque stated that an elephant’s foot is believed to have crushed the person to death. The process of recovering the body and sending it to Mymensingh Medical College Hospital for a post-mortem is ongoing. We will file a wrongful death case at the police station in this regard.

A herd of elephants attacked a farmer named Golap Hossain on his homestead in Karaitli village last Tuesday night, killing him.