Rising and Falling Water Levels in Bangladesh Rivers Monitored by FFWC

The Flood Forecasting and Warning Centre (FFWC) has observed an increase in water levels at 39 river stations, while 67 sites have experienced a decrease. According to a notice published by the FFWC on Monday, out of the 110 monitored stations, four had maintained a consistent flow above the danger level. The water levels of the Brahmaputra-Jamuna rivers are currently decreasing and this trend is predicted to continue for the next 48 hours. In contrast, the water level of the Ganges river is remaining stable. The Padma river is currently experiencing a downward trend and is expected to continue in this manner for the same period of time. The Manu, Someswari, and Bhugai rivers in the North-eastern region are experiencing an increase in water levels, while the other major rivers in the area are remaining stable. This trend is expected to persist for the next 24 hours. Notable precipitation was measured in many districts within the previous 24 hours. Sylhet received 135 mm of rainfall, Jariajanjail in Netrokona received 56 mm, Habiganj received 52 mm, Durgapur in Netrokona received 50 mm, Pateswari in Kurigram received 123 mm, Panchagarh received 56 mm, Mymensingh received 52 mm, and Kamalganj in Moulvibazar received 47 mm. In addition, significant precipitation was observed in the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Assam, and Meghalaya.