Air Pollution Update: Dhaka’s Air Quality Ranking and Index

Air Pollution in Dhaka

As of 9 AM on Wednesday, Dhaka, the bustling capital city of Bangladesh, is ranked 18th among 118 cities worldwide for air pollution. The latest data from IQAir’s Air Quality Index (AQI) indicates that Dhaka’s score stands at 88. This level of air quality is categorized as ‘moderate or acceptable.’

Recent Air Quality Trends in Dhaka

Just yesterday at 10 AM, Dhaka was placed higher in the rankings, holding the 10th position among 117 cities. At that time, Dhaka’s AQI score was 86, which, similar to today’s score, falls within the ‘moderate or acceptable’ range. The slight fluctuation in ranking and score highlights the dynamic nature of air quality, which can change rapidly due to various factors such as traffic, industrial activities, and weather conditions.

Understanding the AQI Scores

IQAir, a Switzerland-based organization renowned for its comprehensive air quality monitoring, provides real-time updates on air pollution levels. Their live index helps people understand the cleanliness or pollution levels in specific cities and offers warnings when necessary. Here’s a quick breakdown of IQAir’s AQI categories:

  • 0 to 50: Good
  • 51 to 100: Moderate or acceptable
  • 101 to 150: Unhealthy for sensitive groups (e.g., the elderly, children, the sick, and pregnant women)
  • 151 to 200: Unhealthy
  • 201 to 300: Very unhealthy
  • 301 and above: Hazardous or dangerous

Global Air Pollution Rankings

Today, the city with the highest level of air pollution is Manama in Bahrain, with a concerning AQI score of 175. Following closely are Kinshasa in Congo and Lahore in Pakistan, with scores of 171 and 170, respectively. These scores fall into the ‘unhealthy’ category, highlighting significant air quality issues in these cities.

Implications for Dhaka

Despite being ranked 18th, Dhaka’s air quality remains a cause for concern, particularly for sensitive groups. The ‘moderate or acceptable’ rating suggests that while the air quality is not at its worst, there are still potential health implications for certain individuals. It is crucial for residents, especially those in vulnerable categories, to stay informed about air quality levels and take necessary precautions.

Stay Informed and Stay Safe

Regular updates from reliable sources like IQAir are essential for understanding and responding to air quality issues. As air pollution can have serious health impacts, staying informed can help you make better decisions to protect your health and the health of your loved ones.

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