Kanuda Canal Revitalized with Thorough Cleanup and Future Development Plans

The Kanuda Canal in Shalikha upazila, Magura, has been thoroughly cleaned, leading to the restoration of water flow. Although the rubbish has been recently removed, the water still appears murky. Local locals expect that the upcoming rainy season will further purify the water. During the previous week, a group of volunteers and experts effectively purified around 1.5 kilometres of the canal.

The cleanup campaign, initiated on June 7th, witnessed the participation of numerous volunteers from diverse social and professional backgrounds. While a significant portion of the effort was carried out on a voluntary basis, competent experts were ultimately recruited to finalise the project. The water near Arpara market is suddenly transparent, but other areas are still turbid.

The Kanuda Canal serves as a conduit between the Arpara and Tilkhari Unions, facilitating the flow of water from 22 canals into the Fatki River, particularly during the monsoon season. Although there were attempts to re-excavate the canal in 2019, it had accumulated dirt and became obstructed over time. The upazila government intends to enhance the canal’s banks by creating recreational amenities. Currently, there has been a recent planting of tree saplings, including the krishna chura species. Additionally, there is ongoing building of a stage and picnic area.

The Water Development Board (Paubo) possesses around 30 acres of land on both sides of the canal. Approximately 80 houses are being evacuated to accommodate the construction of new recreational facilities, which has resulted in some local dissatisfaction. Nevertheless, numerous neighbours are optimistic that the construction would generate employment prospects.

According to UNO Harekrishna Adhikari, the cleanup was a difficult undertaking, but it was accomplished thanks to the combined efforts of many government agencies, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), and local groups. A total of 500 labourers were hired for the project that lasted for a week.

In order to preserve the purity of the canal, local fisherman will be permitted to operate boats and paddle boats, thereby promoting both fishing and recreational tourists. The administration’s objective is to establish an agreeable space for residents, encompassing an open stage, lavatories, cooking places, and cottages. The programme aims to provide a novel recreational area for the community, thereby minimising the necessity of travelling long distances for leisure pursuits.

Source : Prothom Alo