Dhaka Eid Sacrifices Likely Dry, Rain Expected in Chittagong

Last year, almost 2.5 million animal sacrifices were carried out in the Dhaka Division of Bangladesh. Over the past few years, the complete monsoon season has affected the Eid animal markets, causing difficulties for the capital’s people during the Eid gathering and animal slaughter. Abundant precipitation usually leads to inundated animal marketplaces and a reduced number of purchasers.

The sky over Dhaka remained overcast on Saturday. According to the weather forecast, there will be a significant amount of rain on Sunday. Nevertheless, as per the Bangladesh Meteorological Office, the probability of rainfall in Dhaka during the morning of Eid-ul-Adha is extremely low. Meteorologist Mr. Islam notified BBC Bangla that there will be precipitation in certain areas of Kishoreganj, Tangail, or Gazipur on the morning of Eid as a result of the intense rainfall in the Mymensingh division. Nevertheless, in the event of rainfall in Dhaka, the precipitation may be minimal in certain areas and absent altogether in others.

Although the capital may get partial respite from rainfall on Eid day, there are still fears for Chittagong. The weather forecast predicts a chance of precipitation in several regions of Chittagong Division on Sunday and Eid Monday. According to Mr. Islam, the current prognosis indicates that on the day of Eid, it is expected that up to 50 percent of Chittagong division will see rainfall, but it is likely to be of mild intensity at most.

Residents in areas that may be impacted are advised to make necessary preparations for potential weather disturbances and carefully plan their Eid celebration to ensure it goes smoothly.

Green Time Editorial Body