Severe Weather Alerts: Heavy Rain and Flooding in Texas and Mexico, Temperature Extremes Across Europe

Southern Texas and Mexico prepare for substantial precipitation.

An impactful meteorological storm is anticipated to move across southern Texas and Mexico during the course of this week, resulting in considerable precipitation. The National Hurricane Centre has detected a tropical disturbance in the south-west Gulf of Mexico that has a 60% probability of evolving into a tropical depression within the next seven days. This system, although it may not intensify into a hurricane, is forecasted to deliver up to 100mm (3.9 inches) of precipitation to southern Texas from Wednesday to Friday. The Mexican states adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico may get precipitation of up to 150mm. These levels of rainfall present a significant danger of extremely destructive and potentially lethal flooding.

The Iberian Peninsula is now experiencing atypical precipitation and low temperatures.

Meanwhile, the Iberian Peninsula in Europe is expected to see an atypical period of intense rainfall and cold temperatures. Today, there is a possibility of Northern Portugal and Spain, which usually receive 1mm to 3mm of rainfall during this season, seeing over 40mm of rainfall over a 12-hour period. A yellow weather warning is currently in place for A Coruña in Galicia, Spain. Furthermore, alongside the heavy rainfall, the weather forecast predicts that temperatures in central Spain and Portugal will be 15°C lower than the usual seasonal average. During Tuesday and Wednesday, daytime temperatures will struggle to reach the upper teens Celsius. The current cooler weather is anticipated to continue over the weekend.

Eastern Mediterranean experiences a period of unusually high temperatures, known as a heatwave.

Conversely, the eastern Mediterranean is preparing for a substantial heatwave. Temperatures in several Balkan countries are expected to rise to over 40°C (104°F) on Thursday and Friday, above the usual seasonal average by more than 12°C. The nighttime temperatures are forecasted to persist at elevated levels, ranging from the mid to high 20s Celsius. The current period signifies the initial significant heatwave of summer 2024, which comes after a somewhat chilly beginning to the season in most parts of Europe.

Continue to be attentive for any information and prioritise your safety amidst these severe weather conditions.