Bangladesh Prepares for Incoming Rain, Thundershowers and Strong Winds

Bangladesh Prepares for Incoming Rain, Thundershowers, and Strong Winds

The Bangladesh Meteorological Department (BMD) has issued a forecast expecting rain or thundershowers accompanied by strong gusts in eight parts of the nation. Based on the most recent advisory, these weather conditions are anticipated to continue until 1 PM on Wednesday, June 19th.

Regions Affected The regions that have been impacted are as follows: – Rangpur – Dinajpur – Mymensingh – Barishal – Noakhali – Cox’s Bazar – Chattogram – Sylhet Residents in these locations may anticipate thundershowers accompanied by intermittent strong or stormy winds blowing from the south or southeast, with speeds ranging from 45-60 km/h. As a result of these circumstances, the BMD has recommended that river ports in certain areas raise cautious signal number 1.Supplementary Weather Forecast Furthermore, the Met Office has predicted that there will be light to moderate rain or thundershowers in the majority of the Rangpur, Mymensingh, and Sylhet divisions. These showers will be accompanied by temporary gusty winds. Similar weather patterns can be expected in several locations within the Rajshahi, Dhaka, Khulna, Barishal, and Chattogram divisions.

Intense Precipitation and Decrease in Temperature The prediction also cautions against the occurrence of substantial precipitation, ranging from fairly heavy to very heavy, in several regions around the country. Due to the precipitation, there will be a modest decrease in both daytime and overnight temperatures, offering some respite from the recent high temperatures.

Measures for Preparedness and Safety Residents in the impacted regions are recommended to take essential measures to ensure their safety amidst the inclement weather conditions. These measures encompass the securing of unfastened items, being indoors during periods of intense rains and powerful gusts, and exercising caution regarding the possibility of flooding in locations with low elevation.

In conclusion The BMD is actively monitoring the weather situation and will offer updates as required. It is advisable for citizens to stay updated through official sources and follow the warnings and recommendations given by the authorities in order to guarantee their safety. To access the most recent updates and comprehensive meteorological data, please visit the official website of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department at Ensure your safety and readiness as Bangladesh copes with these demanding weather conditions.