Flood Crisis in Hakaluki Haor: Over Two Lakh Affected

Flood Crisis in Hakaluki Haor: Over two lakh residents in Juri, Kulaura, and Baralekha upazilas are severely affected.

The water levels in Hakaluki Haor in Moulvibazar are gradually decreasing, causing prolonged suffering for over two hundred thousand residents in Juri, Kulaura, and Baralekha upazilas. A significant number of individuals remain trapped, residing on elevated bamboo structures as their residences are being gradually submerged by water. The scenes in villages such as Sonapur and Belagaon depict the grave scenario, as dwellings are inundated and harmed by unrelenting water waves and currents.

Phulbanu Begum, a 64-year-old inhabitant of Sonapur, has been residing in her inundated residence for more than a week. She continues to stay on her balcony, which has been transformed into an improvised food storage space. In spite of the harsh circumstances, she made the decision to remain instead of finding refuge elsewhere, as she was unable to abandon her possessions.

Kala Mia, another inhabitant, recounts the unparalleled water levels that had inundated his home since the day prior to Eid. The house is barely withstanding the pressure as it is submerged in water up to chest level. The family, consisting of six members, is currently limited to a bamboo loft located on the balcony. They are facing difficulties in dealing with the scarcity of dry ground and the decreasing availability of food resources.

The situation is equally dire in other villages within the region. The ground floors of the Juri and Kulaura upazila offices are already inundated, demonstrating the extensive consequences of the floods. In Howr Paar, families persist in traversing through water that reaches up to their waists, as their homes have been reduced to precarious shelters. While the water levels have slightly decreased over the previous two days, inhabitants are experiencing considerable suffering due to the depletion of food sources, which occurred some time ago.

Conversely, the water levels in the Manu and Dhalai rivers in Moulvibazar are rapidly decreasing as a result of insufficient rainfall in the upstream areas. The current water levels in these rivers are much below the flood threshold, which contrasts sharply with the ongoing emergency situation in Hakaluki Haor.

The impacted residents require immediate aid and relief as they struggle through this protracted adversity.