Adani Power Plant in Jharkhand’s Godda Faces Shutdown Due to Valve Leak, Affects Power Supply in Bangladesh

In a recent development, the Adani power plant located in Jharkhand’s Godda has been shut down due to a leak in a valve of the boiler circulating pump. This incident has significantly impacted power production in Bangladesh, leading to concerns over electricity shortages.

Khandaker Mokammel Hossain, a member (generation) of the Bangladesh Power Development Board (PDB), confirmed the issue to The Daily Star. He explained that the Adani power plant authorities detected a leak in a valve of the circulating water pump, necessitating an immediate shutdown of the plant unit.

“They forcibly shut down the unit of the plant. It will take at least two to three days to start the maintenance work, as it would require the boiler to cool off,” Hossain stated. He also noted that another unit of the plant, which had undergone regular maintenance during the Eid holidays, is expected to resume operations by the first week of July.

Currently, both units of the 1600MW Adani plant are non-operational, resulting in reduced electricity supply from coal-based power plants. Additionally, one of the two units of the Payra Power Plant is also under maintenance. Despite these challenges, Hossain assured that the load-shedding situation remains stable at less than 1,000MW, thanks to alternative power sources.