Sirajganj 68MW Solar Park Begins Operations, Boosting National Grid

The newly built “Sirajganj 68-megawatt Solar Park” located on the banks of the Jamuna River in Sirajganj has officially begun operations. The plant, situated in Sadar upazila, went online at 11:30 AM today following a successful test run, according to Md Tanvir Rahman, the project director.

“After concluding the commissioning process, we have started power generation and supplying to the national grid this morning. We will continue to provide uninterrupted power supply from the plant,” Rahman stated.

Md Shamim Hasan, Director of Public Relations for the Bangladesh Power Development Board, mentioned, “Before resuming commercial operation, each power plant needs to run test operations. During the test run, it supplied power to the national grid.”

Financed by Bangladeshi and Chinese companies, the “Sirajganj 68MW Solar Park” is the 12th operational commercial solar plant in the country. With this addition, the total power generated from solar plants in Bangladesh now stands at 604 megawatts, as per the national database of renewable energy.

This significant step forward underscores Bangladesh’s commitment to expanding its renewable energy capacity and reducing its reliance on fossil fuels. The continuous growth of solar power infrastructure marks a pivotal shift towards sustainable energy solutions for the nation.