Azerbaijan’s Ambitious Energy Strategy Shines at COP29 Preparatory Meeting

Azerbaijan’s national energy strategy made a significant impact at the recent COP29 preparatory meeting, receiving enthusiastic feedback from international delegates. Our delegation highlighted a forward-thinking agenda that underscores Azerbaijan’s commitment to sustainable development and climate action.

Green Energy Zones and Corridors: Azerbaijan’s proposal to establish green energy zones and corridors aims to harness the country’s abundant solar and wind resources. These zones are designed to become hubs of clean energy production, supplying both domestic and regional markets. This initiative aims to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy technologies and support local economic growth.

Strengthening Electricity Grids: Enhancing our national grid to accommodate an increasing share of renewable energy is a priority. Investments in modern grid infrastructure will ensure reliable electricity supply, facilitate the integration of distributed energy resources, and enable efficient power transfer across regions, supporting our green energy zones and maintaining energy security.

Expanding Energy Storage: Azerbaijan is committed to expanding its energy storage capacity to improve grid stability and resilience. By investing in advanced battery technologies and other storage systems, excess energy generated during periods of high renewable output can be stored and released when demand is high, ensuring a steady power supply.

Increasing Hydrogen Production: Azerbaijan is poised to become a leader in hydrogen production. Our strategy includes developing green hydrogen projects, which use renewable energy to produce hydrogen through electrolysis. This clean hydrogen can be utilized across various sectors, including transportation, industry, and power generation, helping to reduce carbon emissions.

Promoting Energy Efficiency: Implementing energy-saving measures across various sectors is a cornerstone of our strategy. Initiatives include upgrading building codes, promoting energy-efficient appliances, and supporting industrial energy efficiency programs.

Azerbaijan’s comprehensive energy strategy aligns with COP29 goals, focusing on renewable energy, grid enhancements, storage solutions, hydrogen production, and energy efficiency. These initiatives highlight Azerbaijan’s commitment to a sustainable energy future and its role in global climate action efforts.